Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Make A Quick and Easy Homemade Smoke Bomb

Happy 4th, everyone! Will try to post some hard-explosives later, but for now, here is the easiest possible smoke bomb you could ever make.

  • A bucket
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • Pepto-Bismol Instacools
  1. Put the instacools in the bucket.
  2. Add water and keep stirring until they dissolve.
  3. Soak the newspaper in the solution for roughly three (3) minutes
  4. Dry the newspapers in the sun until they're completely dry.
  5. Roll up the newspapers.
  6. Light it.
  7. (Optional) Get it the hell away from your face.
And now enjoy your new smoke bomb! Use it how you will.

I do not take responsibility for any injuries or laws broken pertaining to this information, nor do I take credit for the sudden increase of ghetto ninjas.


  1. Another day, another fun surprise hahahah please keep this working on this blog, one of the few i truly enjoy :)

  2. wow thats so simple ... great share, thanks

  3. wow seems easy. ill try it soon.
    thanks mate. +1

  4. You know what? I'll take credit for the sudden increase of ghetto ninjas.

    Also, cool tip.

  5. Ghetto ninjas? Scary.