Sunday, July 3, 2011

How To Make a Fireball You Can Hold in Your Hand

Another 4th of July trick, this one being slightly more legal.

  • 100% cotton T-shirt or fabric
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Rubbing Alcohol - 70% or Lighter Fluid
  1. Cut the T-shirt /fabric into strips (size doesn't matter, bigger strips mean bigger fireballs)
  2. Roll a strip into a ball
  3. Needle the thread and thread the cotton through the ball.
  4. Wrap the thread around the ball in different directions.
  5. Once the ball is tightly wrapped, knot the thread.
  6. Dip the ball in your fuel of choice. (I recommend the alcohol)
  7. Light it
Enjoy! You now have a fire ball that you can hold in your hand without burning the skin! Go show it off!

I do not take responsibility for any injuries done by this information, nor any laws broken by using it.


  1. Haha, sounds awesome! I'll have to try this tomorrow. Followed!

  2. sounds VERY AWESOME! i need to try this.

  3. awesome. just awesome

  4. This is awesome ima try it tomorrow night! Do you know any other firework related stuff to make??

  5. I'm definitely trying this out soon

  6. me and my mates always do this and have fireball wars. Lmao awesome guide though

  7. Devour, I think I got a smoke grenade recipe, and I'll check what else.

  8. just in time for 4th of july lol. I wouldn't try this though I would probably end up burning my house down.

  9. Interesting. Really cool trick, although I think I'm going to wind up with third degree burns if I tried that. :D

  10. I swear I saw this somewhere.

  11. great dude i printed this out just so i could do it tomorrow thanks man

  12. aw come on this one is quite old actually ;) You can do better :D

  13. People used to do this all time during lunch in high school.

  14. thats awesome! I guess the cloth catches fire whilst the string stops it from getting to your hand? anyways, cool post :)